OHMIO (H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1)

Transparent and flexible conductive polymers to boost the photovoltaic industry in Europe

SANDIE (FP6, 2004-2008)

Network of “Self-Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures for new Devices in photonics and Electronics”, UMDO group was active in “Single Photon” and “Novel Nanostructures”.

NANOPV (FP7, 1/2/2011-31/1/2014)

Strep project entitled “NANOmaterials and nanotechnology for advanced PhotoVoltaics”, to develop breakthrough solar cell processing partially or fully based on nanomaterials (UMDO is responsible for developing new deposition techniques of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles on Si-based structures and their characterization).

NAVOLCHI (FP7, 1/11/2011-31/10/2014)

Strep project entitled “Nano scAle disruptiVe silicon-plasmOnic pLatform for Chip-to-cHip Interconnection”, where UMDO is responsible of the WP related to the development of a plasmonic receiver (amplification of propagating surface plasmon polaritons and their photodectection by using colloidal quantum dots dispersed in polymers and compact layers using special ligands, respectively).