Intelligent Nanomaterials

About Us

Intenanomat is a company founded in 2010 from the Materials Science Institute of the University of Valencia (Spain)

Who we are

The main activity of INTENANOMAT S.L. is the synthesis of different types of nanoparticles (metallic, semiconducting, magnetic, metal oxides and others) and nanocomposites based on polymers or metal oxides as host matrices for applications in cosmetics, biology, medicine, environment, and others.

Our Products

Your competitive advantage is our priority. Our people combine material expertise with technological know-how. With this professional knowledge, we offer you a wide range of high-quality nanoparticles with different sizes and properties:

R+D Collaborative

We closely collaborate with the Unit of Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (UMDO) from the Materials Science Institute of theUniversity of Valencia on most of the company's technical and research tasks.
Some of the on-going collaborative projects are:

1) Development of sub-micron nanoparticles for application in cosmetics.
2) Research on novel nanomaterial-based devices with photocatalytic activity.
3) Conductive, transparent, and flexible polymers for OLED displays, solar cells and printing electronics.
4) Inks based on metal nanoparticle-, quantum-dot-, polymers, etc.
5) Plasmonic and fluorescent sensors for application in food applications, security and defence, etc.
6) Nanomaterials for lighting.

Our Team

José L. Valdés Navarro
Sandra Albert Sánchez

Publications and Press Release

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